Competitive Advantage of Being Human

It seems like there is a lot of buzz lately about the future of artificial intelligence and how many good paying jobs are going to be replaced by new technologies.  I love this post on LinkedIn today as I think it raises a key point and allows us to gain some perspective on the situation.

“In an uncertain and changing world, there is still a competitive advantage to being human,” writes Kellogg School of Management CIO Betsy Ziegler. One key way to stay ahead? Learn how to learn.

“Often students believe that once they cross the graduation stage, they are done – they have reached the finish line. In today’s world this is an impossible end point – they can not stand still, they must have the confidence and persistence to assess their skills, understand their gaps and seek help in closing them.”

This idea most certainly applies to leadership as well.  As leaders we need to be constantly learning and improving.  Otherwise we are not going to be ready for the new and different situations we encounter.   Here's what Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner had to say in their book, Learning Leadership:

" The best leaders are the best learners.  They have a growth mindset.  They believe that they are capable of learning and growing throughout their lives.  To become a better leader, you must engage in continuous learning.  You are never done learning, never done getting better,  Continuous learning is a way of life.  And it doesn't matter what your learning style is.  What matters is how frequently you engage in learning activities.  You can reflect, read, watch others, get a coach, attend some training, or just try out a new skill or technique.  Whatever it is, engage in it every day."

No matter how sophisticated the technology we use in the future, humans will still need to plan and execute the work.  There will be interesting jobs to do.  We will all need to have leadership abilities and we will need to be supported by other great leaders.  This will be challenging and fascinating work.

So the real question is... what do you need to learn today to be ready for your future?