Leaders Need Grit and EQ

Kingston, Ontario psychologist Ron Warren has an interesting article in The Globe and Mail this week where he talks about four personality-based factors we all need to have to be successful.  They are:

1.     Social intelligence and teamwork which relates to openness to feedback, helpfulness and sociability.

2.     Deference which is negatively correlated to leadership and involves approval-seeking, dependence and tension (the tendency to worry and feel anxious).

3.     Dominance/domineering is about getting things done, and can be good or bad, depending on depending on how it is used.

4.     Grit involves conscientiousness, achievement, drive and innovation, which combine to allow us to master tasks.

As an MBTI and Everything DiSC Practitioner, and I find this approach interesting because it pulls from all personality types or styles and reinforces that no one style has it all.  It highlights the strengths of all styles and suggests how they combine with emotional intelligence theory to create a roadmap for success.

The full article is here: