Leadership Development

Leadership continues to be a critically important tool for the success of your business. Developing leaders is an on-going process that requires commitment.

Having over 15 years of experience working with organizations to improve leadership, management and team effectiveness, I understand the challenges you and your team face.  Through public and/or customized on-site workshops we will find the best solution for your leadership development needs.


Leaders need to be able to:

Develop credibility by being clear about their values and acting accordingly.

Inspire those around them towards a shared vision.

Create an environment where people can take risks and be innovative.

Support people and teams so that they can develop their skills and work well together.

Recognize the positive impacts of individuals and teams so that everyone has the energy to keep going.

The Leadership Challenge Public Workshops

In our public workshops individuals come together with other leaders to learn about leadership and their personal leadership journey.  Each individual will complete The Leadership Practices Inventory (360 assessment) prior to the workshop and this feedback tool will become the backdrop for learning how to improve as a leader.

Customized Workshops

In our customized workshops we will create an experience that exactly meets the needs of your team.  We will use The Leadership Challenge and The Leadership Practices Inventory as tools to support the approach that works for you, this may include team planning sessions and/or team values exercises. In the end, the learning you and your team receive will fit like a glove.